Federal Tax Id Number

Other name of Federal Tax Identification Number is Employer Identification Number (EIN). Every business has its own figure and the tax id number is used to discover this entity. Tax Id Number is a nine digit number. Tax IdentificationNumber is assigned by the IRS to identify tax accounts of employers and sure other who have no employees. Few years ago you had to file a Form SS-4 but now it can be done free online by going to the IRS website. After typing Employer Identification Number you will find the Employer Identification Number application in an interview style format.

It is important for exclusive proprietors to know that you may only have one Employer Identification Number, no matter how many different businesses you operate.

The exclusice proprietor, non profit organization, employer, trust, partnership or other business entities may use this Tax ID Number. Everyone can apply easily for a new Tax Identification Number though there is already an Employer Identification Number. The Federal Tax Identification number is applied online. It is open an avenue to the customer. You have to fill the form and other necessary criteria online. You can also collect your Tax ID Number through online. In this whole process there may not be need to registration. The application process is proceeds to fill up the form.

Employer ID Numbers (EINs)

EIN stands for Employer Identification Number. Employer Identification Number which is also referred as Federal Employer Identification Number, Federal Tax Identification Numbers and also Tax Identification Numbers. Nowadays, generally all businesses required an EIN. There are various ways for applying EIN.

But now you can apply for EIN through internet which is free service offered by the Internal Revenue Service. All companies, whether they have an individual person or have many people, have an EIN. Corporation which bears profit and loss have EIN.